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primaTime offers the RESTful API interface, which allows a simple and efficient integration with external applications such as invoicing, project management and attendance systems, other ERP applications etc.

How to communicate with the API?

The API provides access to all of the resources used throughout primaTime. The http/https standard protocol is used for communication in the JSON or XML format. The API is the main and only interface to access data; our web application and our mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms also use this to communicate. You can also fully connect any of your or third-party applications.

You can use the API to export or import your data to other applications. It is thus possible, for example, to export a list of your projects and tasks from your own project management system, import the list to primaTime to track your time on it and then export the data to another invoicing system.

What could the API be good for?

The API can be used to connect with any other web or mobile software on any platform. A typical usage for this may be, for example:

  • Bidirectional synchronization of projects, tasks, activities and prices with more complex project management applications
  • Bidirectional synchronization of customer database, projects and prices with corporate ERP systems or billing programs
  • Export of time records from Attendance or Time Tracking to other applications for further processing
  • Export data to data displaying tools, dashboards, and analytical and statistical applications
  • Connection with hardware devices, which generate time records
  • Data presentation on intranet portals
  • Custom applications for tracking time according to your specific needs, while storing your data in primaTime

Your imagination has no limits.

How to start using the API?

If you’re interested in connecting your systems with primaTime, you should first ask us by e-mail for permission to use the API sources. We will assign you your unique API key, which you will need for logging into the API interface with your data.

Here is the complete API documentation (in English only), where you can find a description of communication, details about authentication and logging, a detailed description of all the sources and their items, as well as other useful information for communicating with primaTime.

The documentation is constantly being updated and supplemented with new sources as primaTime is being developed. If something is not clear, please do not hesitate to contact us at s.r.o.
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