Benefits of Team calendar

The Team Calendar is an effective tool for managing and visualizing your team's resources. It provides a user-friendly display of your team's availability and workload, making it easy to stay on top of your projects. It was designed to provide an in-depth look at each item, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your team's performance, whether you're part of a small or large organization.

primaTime in numbers

Being developed since 2012
350 000+ users
Available in 11 languages
primaTime is an easy-to-use software for recording working time. The parameterisation also makes it easy to allocate working time across projects. We appreciate the simple operation and the cross-platform availability.”
Simple, intuitive project tracking app
Simple, intuitive project tracking app. The billing options are amazing, project controlling is greatly simplified. It has been through continuous development and yet always remained true to the core product. It is easy for all employees and has great benefits for the team and management.
Easy to understand
An efficient and user-friendly project management system. It's easy to understand and offers many useful reporting features.
We use the web service API
This solution best suited our requirements, we use the web service API to additionally record times from the main terminal to record our working hours.
Modern and easy to use
We have been using the app for about 4-5 years. Modern, easy to use, clear, cost-effective
Multiple platforms
I believe it's been approximately five years since I discovered primaTime, as I began consulting. One of the key features that I found useful was the multiple platforms I could use — i.e. ability to use the app from my Windows desktop/notebook computer browser and also my Android smartphone when on the move, with time logging seamless between the two platforms.
Everything improved for us to a great extent.
Time allocation. Project control. Improved reporting. Invoice preparation. primaTime delivers and adapts to what we need in Neware when it comes to allocating all our team’s tasks, making billing and monthly cost control much more efficient.
100 % under control
primaTime has improved the tracking of hours worked per project in our company. Now we know that all worked hours are 100% accounted for.

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